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Our Store opened on October 1, 1968 by our father, Pat Killworth and our Uncle Tom Killworth, both "grocers" from birth. They Grew up in Sheridan where their dad "Grandpa Logan Killworth" operated the old time grocery Sawyer's, which was located Broadway, where Harbour Chiropractic now stand.  Dad and Uncle Tom eventually ended back up in Eastern, Montana where they managed grocery stores in Miles City. 

The Killworth brothers had a dream..... that dream was to work for themselves back home in Sheridan, Wyoming. 


Dad and Uncle Tom created the concept for Warehouse Market based on saving shoppers money through less overhead. thus customers marked prices on their groceries based on the honor system, they didn't advertise and everything was kept bare bones.  Only three full-time staff were employed, and fancy fixtures and lighting were kept to a minimum, as was advertising.  


As time went on we have evolved and changed with the market trends always looking forward to the next venture. 

In 2002 we added the world famous Killy's Smokehouse Deli to our business. The name Killy's is in homage to the our father and uncle, who went by the nickname "Killy" . The deli started out very small, with only one table, one case, and a few employees. When the deli started, two of the owners, Logan Killworth and Mark Guyer, headed off to school in Kansas, where they learned the fine art of smoking delicious meats. They brought back their knowledge and applied it, first creating our trademark baby back ribs. They were an instant hit. Logan and Mark began crafting many other different kinds of meat and poultry, ranging from Killy's Ham and New York roast to homemade bacon and sausages. After their success with smoked meats, the deli began to showcase homemade sides, salads, and desserts. The deli began a quest to preserve the culinary history of Sheridan, Wyoming, and asked the public to submit any treasured family recipes they had. This uniqueness set Killy's Deli apart from others. 

In March 2015 the City of Sheridan awarded us with a Liquor licence, which meant we had to close our grocery store after 47 years. Our future plans include our Famous Smokehouse with a courtyard where you can sit and eat our food and listen to live music on nights bands have been scheduled, an Irish Pub, and a packaged liquor store.  

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